Awesome 20 Year History of Pokémon Infographic

Let’s face it: When the Founder of your company takes time in her ridiculously busy schedule to play a mobile game you know someone has just struck gold!

Pokémon Go: It’s captured the world’s attention (and mine of course). All our office staff are Trainers.  As Kevin Anderton’s excellent article on Forbes points out the game launched on July 6th and has already cruised past the 7,5 million downloads mark as the UK finally gone to officially join in. The real kicker? The development cost was around $30 million. In it’s first day the game brought in between 3 and 4 million dollars and is pulling in an average of +-2 million A DAY.

That’s what you call smart investing – especially when it shows no signs of slowing down yet.

While everyone is pointing out how the game is topping Twitter’s daily user count or the fact it’s already bigger than Tinder some of us would like to remind the world Pokémon Go is just an evolution and the next step on what has been a proud  20 year history of addictive titles. As a Gamification company we’ve started talking about AR and VR and you can bet Pokémon Go will feature in a future update!

For those of you who only now have experienced the joy of Pokémon craze or to people like me that remember ‘Red and Green’ back in the day this ’20 Years of Pokémon Games Infographic’ is for all of us!


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