21st Century Talent and Skills Assessment

IamProgrez builds awesome gamified assessment tools and evaluation solutions for the Educational sector.

Our products solve many of the critical challenges now facing the Education and Labor markets.

IamProgrez’s focus on soft skill identification, assessment and evaluation empowers both educational providers and their students – Answering the growing need for an Education Sector that delivers more than just hard skills.

With our Serious Games teachers can rapidly assess their students, discover their natural gifts and shape their education to match their profiles. Students playing our games discover their passion, hidden strengths and what educational and career paths could satisfy them most.

With our current range of products (and our ability to build custom solutions) we work with clients at every level of Education from schools and colleges to universities and foundations.


The IamProgrez Empowerment Process

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Identify Your Need

Gamified Assessment is what we do but how we do it is defined by you. The vast majority of our clients use one or more of the following 3 products:

Iam-IT: This is a multi-level skills analysis and personal development game focused primarily on the IT sector.

Ready4Work: An online and offline game primarily targeting unemployed youth and getting them employed.

TalentQuest: Designed primarily for students between the ages of 12-16 players discover themselves and their hidden talents

We also build custom gamified assessment solutions as well.

You Define We Design

Whether you choose an existing product or require a custom gamified assessment solution every implementation is fully customizable to your requirements.

All our products allow you to inject your institutional DNA. This doesn’t just include full logo and color skinning but we also take the time to understand your Vision. This ensure every challenge and quest in our games are adjusted and inline with your principles.

Our design model is fully flexible, with the level of customization and extra features for any of our solutions decided by you.

We Deliver Results

Every gamified assessment solution we deliver is driven by a ACCO modeled matrix designed by our psychologists and designers.

Our solution will deliver an innovative and interactive gamified experience to players that, while they complete quests and challenges, will be measuring and assessing them at every moment. Soft skills, talent strengths and weaknesses, personality profiles and a whole lot more will be tested and measured inline with your specific needs.

Naturally we support full analytical data and real time reporting as well.

So how do our Education solutions work?

The Challenge Facing Education Today

Soft skills (especially in the STEM job sectors) can be more important than hard skills. This is a massive problem for the Educational sector that is largely built on the delivery of hard skill education – not soft skills analysis and development.

IamProgrez solves this problem through Gamified Assessment products commonly labelled ‘Serious Games’.

The Solution? Play the game

Our games primarily focus on two things: Helping educators understand every students capabilities and letting players (students) realize their own strengths and passions.

No more mediocre pen and paper analysis. Our games deliver a level of analysis and evaluation that is far better than the most expensive ‘one to one personal evaluation courses’ at a fraction of a cost.

Discovering Their Skills

Our complex ACCO analysis model is ‘hidden’ behind the facade of a great game. Games are second nature to today’s students and playing ours is fun and deeply engaging.

As students play they complete Quests by overcoming challenges in the game. Every decision, choice and action they take is analyzed. The more they play the better we know them.

Get A Complete Analysis

Our clients receive extensive reports on every player as they progress through the game. Soft skills, talents and preferences are all analyzed and mapped out for each player.

The players themselves also discover for about themselves as they play. By completing quests players receive guidance and feedback determined by the type of game played.

It’s a ‘Win Win’ situation for both educators and students!

Step into the future with confidence

The future is a bright one when you know what you are capable of. Our games are designed to give players the surety of self knowledge, and the confidence that comes with it, to face the future with hope.

IamProgrez’s gamified assessment solutions are games built for Educators who want their students to feel that hope.

Get your students started!

Ready to take your Education efforts to the next level?

We want to help you deliver an Education that delivers students the best chance possible of not just landing a job but building a passionate career. Our gamified assessment solutions can help you to do just that.

Got any questions left?

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