IamProgrez Mini Update: Gamifying Student Intake ID College 2016

IamProgrez is proud to have worked again with ID College

It has to be said the students were brave, battling temperatures that rose to almost 35c, to complete their ID College intake.

IamProgrez ID College Gamification 1

To understand why we’re working with ID College and how we are helping them and their students requires a little context: Right now in the Netherlands (and across Europe in general) there are a lot of students who have difficulty in choosing the right course of study for themselves. This often results in many students simply dropping out in their first year of study. This costs the students, the school, the greater community and society a lot of money.

To counter this phenomenon ID College and IamProgrez worked together last year to create a unique, gamified intake system where students were analyzed on their soft and hard skills, their interests and motivations all to ensure that each student’s study choices was the right one for them.

IamProgrez ID College Gamification 2

ID College in particular is extremely good in detecting very early on when a student may be on the incorrect course of study. They are always monitoring study choices, student work and teacher remarks to ensure that the school is delivering the right education to the right type of person for everyone. When ID College pinpoints a student is better suited for a different course of study they do it very early on ensuring the damage done is minimized.

2015’s intake was amazing and this one was no different. Despite the heat the students kept focus on the IamP game and performed extremely well. Last year our prediction and course analysis data was extremely¬† accurate in determining who was on the right course, who would drop out and who would swap classes and which classes they might swap to.

IamProgrez ID College Gamification 3

We’re hoping to not only repeat but beat our record with the 2016 results. The data analysis has already begun and we’re seeing the fruits of our labor.

What is most important to us is that our analysis helps the college and students make the right choices together, ensuring students are on courses that match their skills and that the ID College environment is one of teachers and students aligned in learning.

We’re super exited to see what results will be reaped from the 2016 ID College intake and we will share them as soon as we have them.

IamProgrez ID College Gamification 4

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