IamProgrez Update 2: The Color Wheel..It’s a Trap!

Oh boy are the Designers having ‘FUN’ this week

I personally think the whole thing was an inside joke at our expense. You see it’s all about Brand colors this week at HQ. We’re deciding what aligns with us going forward.

THAT I get.

What I don’t get is their incessant need to ask me my opinion of several gradients of a single color. I may think one color is ‘green’ but no I’m a “terribly misinformed barbarian“. This one was dark green, another was hunting green, one turned out to be light green and one green was “a green closer to Persian Indigo”. I kid you not!


I’m a scribbler not a painter. The last color wheel sent my way ‘went Frisbee’ out the window. They haven’t spoken to me since. Drama queens the lot of them.

The R4WNB project is humming along nicely. The coders are starting to plug in the regional data and we’ve got a rough .API assembled. The headshrinkers are busy implementing the ACCO profile and beginning tests. By tests I’m talking interns strapped up with colanders on their heads , ECG and blood pressure monitors, the whole ‘Ghostbusters’ nine yards.

When they run out of interns they might just start looking at the staff. I think I’m just going to step outside and play Frisbee until they’re done with their ‘tests’.

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P.S No interns were harmed in the production of this content

P.P.S It all depends on your definition of ‘harmed’: Are two heads better than one?
P.P.P.S I’ll answer that just as soon as that intern’s heads finish arguing.

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