Infographic: 4 Gamification Design Mistakes to Avoid

Only gamify an experience where it’s worth it. Distracting the user with needless rewards only cheapens the Gamification concept

If I could get a pound for every time I’ve seen this happen on websites and platforms I’d be a millionaire. As the Infographic states rewarding a student for logging in is bad design. How many websites or forums have you used that rewarded you at least 2 badges within an hour of using it? Ridiculous!

Of course we have made our feelings on this matter quite clear and thankfully this Infographic aligns well with elements of our philosophy: Avoid needless complexity, be subtle not obtuse, gamification elements should be of value and not just ‘fun’ etc.

For a deeper look into these and related issues have a look through our Blog.

In the meantime however enjoy the ‘4 Gamification Design Mistakes To Avoid Infographic!


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