Infographic: Gamification in the Classroom

Faced with a “Game Over!” screen, kids feel the urge to play again and improve upon their last performance

Firstly: Adults facing a ‘Game Over’ screen elicit the same response to play again  (albeit with more swearing).

Secondly: This urge to conquer ‘Game Over’ is one of the core principles in both Game Design and Gamification. Just play any of the Dark Souls games to see how brutal failure makes for a hugely successful game. Failure in a gamified environment is for most people nothing like failure in the real world.

More importantly IamProgrez’s internal research shows repeatedly conquering failure and progressing again and again through ‘Game Over’ situations builds confidence and other soft skills to better handle failure in the outside world.

Lastly: What the Infographic  applies to kids it more or less applies to adults too. Everyone prefers a Quest to a Test. Grades / Performance reviews can be more effectively obtained and performed stress free through a gamified system of encouragement and challenge for all the reasons laid out in the infographic.

This “Gamification in the Classroom” Infographic’s principle point is true. We do need to better equip our children with the soft skills necessary for success in an unknown future.

Just don’t forget students of every age, from age 5 to age 60 and over, should be able to access systems that deliver the same advantages and improved skills training too.

We here at IamP believe in breaking barriers of which one of them is Age.

Infographic: Gamification in the Classroom


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