Infographic: Gaming the Classroom

“Gamification should be about driving learning and behavior change” — Karl Kapp, professor of instructional technology, Bloomsburg University

 A massive thank you to our friends over at Online Education Degrees for sending us this one. As you can see it takes a deeper look into the statistics both powering and empowering Game Based Learning. When you start seeing statistics like

  1. 80% of learners would be more productive if learning was more game like
  2. 50% of teachers polled are comfortable using games to teach
  3. 13 hours is the weekly average gamers play

It’s easy to see why Gamification has taken the Education world by storm.

I would expect (as the numbers of teachers comfortable with games rises above 50%) to see grassroots level demand increase for more access to Games and Gamification Systems in Teacher’s classrooms.

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