Infographic: The Evolution of Mobile Learning

“We’ve come a LONG way in how content is delivered in any Sector – from Corporate to Education. From the roots of ‘distance learning’ to the rapid innovation in Mobile Learning this Infographic covers it all”

I remember when I was younger watching Gov sponsored Education TV that taught extra lessons in the afternoon to kids at home. From maths to languages the lessons ran every week day from 3-5pm, and there I was most days on the lounge floor armed with pencils and paper.

Today distance learning is a whole new ballgame and, focusing on mobile learning in particular, presents not only new challenges but tons of opportunities for Learner’s of any age. Mobile Learning is a rapid innovation sector but the end it’s products can tend to focus more on the technology and less on the lessons learnt and challenges overcome by the previous models of distance content delivery.

This Evolution of Mobile Learning Infographic does a fantastic job of summarizing the highlights that got us up from watching extra lessons on the TV floor to the ‘Education in your pocket’ Ambient Learning environment we enjoy today.

The Evolution Of Mobile Learning Infographic


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