Infographic: Virtual Reality in the Classroom

“I haven’t felt like that since I was a little kid” – Student

Virtual Reality (VR) in the classroom delivers (as this Infographic defines it) the ability for learners to travel from their desks to anywhere they can imagine. VR both as a technology and a tool for learning has great potential to change the way students learn. It also poses interesting challenges for teachers as they grapple with this technology and navigate the path between Experience, Fun and the ‘Learning Value’ of every simulation. This ‘virtual reality in the classroom” Infographic is by teachers using VR for people who are looking for answers to the challenges posed.

It also serves as a delicious food for thought for those of us in Gamification as we look into how VR technology will (or not) change or even mutate the Gamification industry. IamProgrez has been engaged in this process of analysis and we’ve cooked up some interesting perspectives on the matter. Over the coming weeks you will see a range of posts covering this topic.

Next week I’ll be taking a look into a few reasons where VR will not change Gamification so Like us on FB to read it first !

For now enjoy today’s regular #FridayInfographic: ‘Virtual Reality in the Classroom”!


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