The Hero Story

Your own recruitment game to select your next super employee.

IamProgrez is revolutionizing the job recruitment market. Utilizing cutting-edge Gamification technology we can accurately profile candidates in ways that are more fun, less intrusive and far more revealing that standard assessment and recruit procedures.

We can offer millennials – and all candidates looking to enter the workforce – a more streamlined and comprehensive way to connect with their dream job. Our user-friendly solution creates a more seamless connection between job seekers and potential employers, reducing recruitment time and more precisely pairing companies with their ideal candidate

Over 10,000 players have played our serious games and we recently won the 2016 BETT Asia Innovation Award. How can we help you gamify YOUR recruitment process?

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Gamified Skill Assessment

A basic breakdown

The ACCO model

Using our sophisticated ACCO model, which can identify and measure over 150+ soft skills, we analyse and record every choice a candidate makes as they complete challenges and quests.

Deep insights

Candidates choices and decisions in-game result in a insightful profile that paints an in-depth portrait of their capabilities, skills and personal attributes. The longer they play the better the profile!

Personal profile

This profile isn’t just available to the companies recruiting through our products. Candidates can print a copy of their full profile to take along with them to job interviews to soup up their resume and impress future employers!

What are the perks for candidates playing our games?

They discover more about themselves!

Our ACCOmodel gives candidates a deeper insight into their soft skill capabilities. They discover how Analytic, Creative, Communicative, Organized and Adaptable they are, revealing the jobs and careers where their skills and passion can align!

Play Hard? Win hard!

Candidates can play company specific games, custom designed by IamProgrez, with quests and challenges crafted to reveal the personality and skill profiles of people they need.  It’s an opportunity for candidates to showcase their talents to enthusiastic recruiters: The world’s first gamified job interview!

Challenge your peers!

Candidates can’t just think they are the best for a job. They have to prove it! They’ll take on their peers and reveal their strength, jockeying for position on a company leader board that could very well determine their chances of landing the job!

Play Anytime, Everywhere, for FREE!

Candidate profiles are universal and migrate effortlessly as you do from device to device. It will always be available and always be free!

Talent Analaysis With Full Customization

The Hero Story works with a SaaS construction

This means we can uniquely customize portions, whole sections or even white label a new product for your needs. This level of customizability means you get to inject your corporate brand and D.N.A into our games.

Got any questions?

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Your games are awesome... But I need a custom solution!

Infinite possibilities!

With our ACCO model, SaaS construction model, in-house psychologists and a fantastic design team we can custom build you a gamified solution of your very own.

Designed to meet your goals!

We will design and construct the in-game challenges and Quests that, combined with our ACCO model, will analyse candidates and users of your custom game for the soft skills you specify. Custom analysis has never been this easy, fun or as revealing!